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VR Goggles

Employment options 

Integration in the cellular companies- Work as a technician in the major cellular companies, good conditions, work in a team

 Starting salary of a technician starts from NIS 9000

Salary and monthly bonus for repair targets and good conditions that only get better over time

Opening a business - a laboratory shop

The goal every technician wants to reach is to run a successful lab shop

Service in the laboratory repairing devices, moving mobile lines, selling accessories, selling devices to customers and more

All of these topics can lead to a very high salary

Additional income - work in the service to the customer's home

You work - looking for extra income in the evenings

You can earn NIS 250-1500 for a single repair

Opening an exempt business - proper advertising on the social network, opening a page on Easy for free

and begin to repair for customers.

Just as you order an electrician or a service technician today, a cell phone technician can also work and be successful

As time goes by, we collect more and more satisfied customers who recommend

your professional service

An example of a repair work calculation of up to 30 minutes 

Screen replacement for iPhone 12 Pro Screen cost for a technician is about NIS 200

Repair cost to the customer 1000 NIS profit from the repair 800 NIS

Screen replacement for iPhone 11 Pro Screen cost for a technician is about NIS 150

Repair cost to the customer 550 NIS profit from the repair 400 NIS


Screen replacement for Galaxy series 52-72, screen cost for the technician is about NIS 200Repair cost to the customer about NIS 550 profit NIS 350 repair

Replacement of the new Galaxy S22 screen, original screen cost for the technician 500 NIS, repair for the customer 1500 NIS, profit 1000 NIS

Charging socket replacement for almost all devices, cost NIS 20-40 per unit 

Even learning a renewal agrees with studying in the course !!! 

You will learn to renew a broken screen for NIS 20 and earn 

Also the labor cost + screen purchase cost

In addition, learning how to renew Apple watches is also included in the course!!

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