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question ? I understood that the duration of the course is 3 months, 90 percent of the course is practical practice, It's excellent, there's nothing like a practical course But what will I do when I'm at home? Is there any homework I can contribute to my knowledge
Answer - yes In addition to the mobile technician course, which is taught in a class by up to 6 students, we also have a digital course that is suitable for people who want to study in a digital course. If you decided to study in class.
The best decision, which you can do practical exercises and in addition you will receivebonus -Access to our digital website during the course!!!  so that you can both study at home in your spare time and practice practically Classroom!!!A winning combination for success What does the digital website look like?
a question Who is the course suitable for? And is prior experience required?
Answer- The course is suitable for those with a technical sense who love the field
No previous experience is required, you learn right from the beginning and leave the course technicians with practical experience
a question? What do you get in the course?
Answer- Printed textbooks - there is no need to register in the course our goal is that you will become a technician therefore all the study material is printed and the entire course is practical practice
In addition, you will receive a tool kit as a gift, a quality kit like the ones in the classroom
a question  ?Is there help in finding a job? What are the employment options and what is the salary for a technician 
Answer - yes   
For those looking for a job as a technician in the large and small cellular companies - Gilad the teacher will be happy to help you integrate as a technician in the cellular companies - laboratories contact us and are looking for our technicians from time to time we also advertise on our Facebook page a list of jobs
employment options
To integrate as a technician in the large and small cellular companies
Every job we advertise for students has a salary ranging from NIS 40-55 per hour
If one of the jobs is suitable Gilad the teacher will be happy to help your success is our success
Open a lab shop
work in the service to the customer's homeProfit from each single repair ranges from NIS 250-1200 depending on the type of fault and the device
 Example screen replacement for iPhone 12 Pro Part cost for technician 350 NIS Repair cost for customer 1200 NIS
Correct yourself to family and friendsthe mobile easily and cheaply
a question?Can I bring devices to class and fix them??In addition, where can I buy spare parts that I can repair devices at home as well
  Answer-Of course and highly recommendedBring any type of malfunctioning device and fix it in the classroom as well. We have a provider For purchase spare parts located very close to the course In the course, a list of suppliers in Israel with a price catalog will be published 

a question  ? Is there support and help after the course?
Answer - yes For any question Gilad the teacher will be happy to help you even after the course and we don't have hours - always available for you on personal WhatsApp and in conversation
Course address 
Beer Sheva
- The pioneer 138Tel Aviv- Yigal Alon 94 - Migdal Alon 2Walking distance from the Peace Train and Azrieli Mall
The studies in the cellular technician course take place in Be'er Sheva or Tel Aviv in Migdal Alon 2 near the train
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